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Wednesday, August 03, 2005



Wow, your yarn looks gorgeous! Seeing beautifully (and evenly!) spun yarn like that gives me hope that I may one day be convinced to learn to spin. I wouldn't do it unless I knew I could one day aspire to nice even yarn like that.

And the colors are gorgeous! What are you going to knit with it?


So preeeety!


I simply refuse to freakin' believe that you spun that on a spindle. Nope. Not believin'. It's too even and gorgeous. You bought it and just put a photo up. Fibber.


that yarn is soooo pretty, now knit with it already!

Lee Ann


There's hope. Wow...how did you get soooo good? it's really lovely!


Awesome stuff and I have a hard time believing that yarn came from the roving you showed - doesn't seem possible. I may learn to spin one of these days (I got a spindle, but haven't tried it yet)


At least your spinning is working, even if your eyes are being difficult. (That's like that Twilight Zone episode where the poor, old man breaks his glasses, surrounded by books. Horrors!) You're doing great, everything looks wonderful!

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