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Thursday, September 30, 2004



Hmmm... it's hard to say whether or not I like the turned up sleeves from the photo. Without more information, I'd say they look fine and even compliment the collar somewhat. But another photo--with your arms down--would help.


Yeah, I think I'll get my husband to take some pictures this weekend. I think it actually looks better "in person" than it does in the bad mirror picture I took!


Gorgeous--rolled up sleeves and all. I have to start mine, if I can ever decide on a colour.

Nice work!


Re: cuffs -- can't tell from the pic. If I was going to shorten the sleeves -- sad to say, I'd remove the sleeves from the sweater, frog the cap and take the extra length from the top of the sleeve. It doesn't take long to re-knit the caps. But I wouldn't cut and graft the Kureyon self-striping. I just wouldn't.


Butterfly is beautiful!! It looks wonderful on you. I agree, I think the cuffed sleeve sort of mirrors the collar. I really like the scalloped edge of the sleeve, but I don't know if it's enough better to undo what already works well.


The cuff looks cozy this way but you do sort of lose the chevron-y shaping. Cutting and grafting would not be that difficult. I cut a few inches off of sleeves for a boyfriend sweater after seaming and it was pretty stress-free. Butterfly looks good either way.


I love the sweater and have been thinking about it for myself.. I would wear the sleeves the way your's are.It looks great.


I think it looks fine with turned up cuffs Julie - you still see the shaping at the bottom of the sleeve and it lends it a more jacket like quality for the autumn.


I love the rolled-up cuffs . . . I'm not super-familiar with how the pattern photo looks, and if you hadn't pointed it out, I don't think I would have noticed -- that's how "not wrong" it looks. And this way, if your hands get cold but it's not cold enough for mittens (in which case you'd be wearing a coat instead of a sweater), you can unroll the cuffs to cover your cold hands!


I like the casual look of the turned up sleeves.

You work it well.........


the sweater is really beautiful, but I hate to weigh in on the side of more work but....I'd take the sleeves off and shorten them too. Rolled up you miss the beautiful edges. But, that's my opinion, and it's *your* sweater, so really, if I were you, I'd do whatever I wanted and fie on anyone who says otherwise! :-) it's beautiful!


I think the sleeves rolled-up look just right... the way they should even. In fact, I think I'd prefer them that way. Beautiful work!!


I *like* the sleeves rolled up - the wavy end keeps it looking kewl!


I love it with the sleeves turned up. It looks more cozy that way.


Seeing it on you makes it easier to see what a great sweater it really is! Love the way it works out with the colors in waves. Good job. I'm inclined to agree with Claudia but the cuff looks good (at least from here), too.


I cast my vote with Steph on this one. It's OK rolled, but you have a fantastic garment there - why compromise when reknitting a sleeve cap is almost a walk in the park?

gwen aka tllgrrl

love the sweater. love the sleeves.
it's a hit!!


The sleeves look great turned up like a fancy cuff- I'd keep them that way.


I think your Butterfly looks gorgeous! I think it looks fine with rolled sleeves. I'm still working on the back of mine. Love it!


I love it! I think the cuffs look great too. I didn't even notice anything was out of the ordinary until I read the post.


Fabulous !
Why not wear it for a while as it is,see how you feel about it,then decide.It looks good with the cuffs up,but would also look great with the sleeves shorter.
What am I saying here ? Go with your gut feeling ! I'd make the sleeves shorter.



I love the sleeves. I think they are oversized which makes them very much in proportion with the oversized collar. I would have never known they weren't supposed to be turned up unless you said something. I think it is a happy accident and it turned out really lovely and special.


I have to roll up the sleeve every single sweater I buy; I just get used to it. But...a local knitter friend routinely cuts and grafts to get better sizing on things, and she makes it sound so simple. Perhaps it really is. It looks fine in the picture, but you are the one who has to decide how it feels.


It looks great, even better with the sleeves rolled. Leave it alone!


Love the cuffs, I think it makes the sweater look cozier and they don't look at all out of place.

Dawn :)


I think that the Butterfly looks gorgeous!

Have fun playing with the new camera too. Digitals give a certain sense of photo freedom.

Melissa G

Cuff 'em.


Butterfly looks great - I like the rolled up sleeves!!


I like the cuffs. Particiularly if Butterfly is reall ywarm and cozy - they look nice now and they'll be really nice when you curled up with coffee when it gets really cold.


It's beautiful Julie! Nice work.


I *love* the turned-up cuffs. Count me as another one who didn't realize they weren't "supposed" to be cuffed.


Amazing. Looks more like a heavy sweater now. I vote no cuffs, no cuts. The best striping is at the bottom half of the sleeves and the fold covers it up. But it is still very very pretty!!!!

Ann Shayne

I love a big cuff, and who cares about the exact self-striping pattern? It's all so exuberant that it doesn't really matter. Don't ditch the cuffs unless they make your sleeves too heavy for ye.

Aren't you glad you asked for our opinions? 8 )


Butterfly turned out absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE it. I can't wait to finish Klaralund and start on Butterfly!!! :-) Beautiful Job!!!


i defintely like the rolled cuffs. looks good especially since it is a longer sweater with that big collar. it looks great!


I love this sweater, and will probably end up knitting it for my daughter at some point (if she gets her way). I like it with the sleeves cuffed - I think it balances out the big collar nicely. It turned out beautifully!


Wow - I think it's great! I actually like the sleeves folded over - but that's up to you. Nice work - congrats!


I love your Butterfly! Definitely the best one I've seen so far. I agree that the cuffs look good folded up and match the collar. I've just started making a Butterfly myself, but unfortunately I am short one ball, so I will be shortening the sleeves and the body. Out of curiosity, how much ease did you give yourself? The size XS is a 38.5 inch finished chest which would give me five inches of ease (I am flat), and I'm worried about it being too big. Yours looks like it fits really well!

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