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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



We love The Tomten book here too. DD's kindy teacher does it every winter and the kids make felted tomten beards at the end of the week after doing the story. I'm not sure when she's planning on doing them this year, but I'm looking forward to it.


Thanks for the tomte photos! I love the little sweaters a couple of them are wearing!

Mmmmmmmm . . . lingonberries!

Prudent Purl

I enjoyed the pictures. I have not heard of Tomte before, thanks for sharing. I hope you are healing up nicely.


I love your elves or should I say tomtes. Nice to hear that your hubby is almost entirely Swedish. Sweden is next to Finland or Finland is next to Sweden here in nordic Europe. And I live in Finland. Yeay! :)

I´ve been reading your blog for a while now. And as inspired by you and couple of finnish bloggers I started my own also...

Btw, I love your Boogabag pattern. I have done already one, it waits just felting. And I have the yarn already for another.


Your tomtes are adorable!

I've never heard about these before, and it nice to learn about new things.


wow! I've never heard of these before. They *are* a little freaky. Kind of like clowns! But cute at the same time. Nifty! Thanks for posting these photos.


Hi, nice tomtes! I'm a Norwegian living with a Swedish guy in Sweden...so when I saw your tomtes I just had to tell you what tomtes are called in Norwegian...if you don't know it already. Tomte is called Julenisse =)


I love Lingonberries. I finally found some at a gourmet shop and stocked up at home. I think I'll have to make some swedish pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. YUM!!!



I love the tomtens! You can buy the book and a kit to knit one at Weir Dolls:



The town in which I went to college is heavily Norweigan, and (I swear) half the houses in town had a Tomten (or, Julenisse) in one of their windows. It was so cute.

polly irving

it's xmas time and
my little red hat people are out. yippie


I am wondering if anyone knows of any clip art of tomtes or other Swedish/Scandinavian clip art. We have probably 100 tomtes which we have been collecting for over forty years.

cynthia thompson

Hi- I've been collecting these for tirty years- and am now starting collection for my three children. I'm looking for new and old. thanks so much Cindie

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