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Friday, March 18, 2005



Congratulations to Felicia! And thanks to YOU for hosting this fun contest and posting links to share with us. I think you're going to need to acquire more KSH so you can knit several of those great ideas! ;-p

Enjoy Birch! And have a great weekend!


I'd say Simply stunning or mayeb the gorgeous butterfly...

Happy knitting!



awww you didnt list my idea but it didnt have alink so .. anyway .. congrats to felicia! have a happy weekend!


what a great list! thanks for putting it all up there.


Thanks for all of the inspiration by listing all of the suggestions. It's taking all of the willpower I have not to call (or better yet...visit!)Rob and Matt to see what's in stock! Congrats to Felicia on the win!


You know, when I first saw your contest, I had no Kidsilk Haze and no interest in any. Well, now I have 3 luscious orange balls and I clicked on every damn link to see what is out there! How things change.

;-) I don't own the Rowan mag containing Birch, but I may search it out. I'm oddly drawn to the Flowerbasket....


What a great idea for a contest. I was also thinking about what to do with my six new skeins of KSH. Your contest gave me some great ideas. Thank you! Congratulations to Felicia! I love her blog.

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