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Sunday, May 29, 2005



It's all so pretty. The handspun looks great. That Andean plying looks complicated. I'd end up with a big mess I can tell you :)


Nice work! Dyeing can be very addictive....

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

Beautiful!!!!! Fabulous colours!!! I bought my squirt bottles at the dye shop, but you could probably find some at a restaurant supply store.


i use 'sport bottles', you know, the water bottles with the little closeable spout? they work great, and you can even leave dye in them to use another day.


The colors look great! I have plans to try my hand at dyeing this summer.


Looks great! You two did a fantastic job. What kind of roving did you use (does it matter at all?)? I can't wait to try, too. :)


The colors are gorgeous! The gold you spun up in particular : )


Dharma Trading is a good source for all sorts of dyeing supplies online. http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/3393-AA.shtml
Your rovings came out beautifully.

Evelyn McClennen

Just ask your hairdressor to save the perm bottles. They are small and the hairdressor cuts the top off to use so it's usually a small cut. I did this for my husband who is an abstract painter. Just wash them good....the perm solution comes out completely.


so much fun!


the colors turned out wonderfully! That multicolored roving on the bottom of your post is just amazing! Yum! Beautiful! I was thrilled to find your blog/post - because this last week I got seriously addicted to dyeing myself, take a look in my blog if you like!


Beautiful colours! how did ou keep it from felting?



I found my bottles at walmart, but I prefer 5 ml droppers from the pharmacy used for medication


I'm afraid I would be horribly unscientific as well...but that would be ok, as long as I ended up with those beautiful results, that last one is breathtaking.
(Your spinning is pretty darned nice too...)

Lizzy B

Hair supply stores usually carry bottles that you can cutthe top off of. Your rovings are lovely!


I get squirt bottles at a local restaurant supply store.


That looks like tons of fun. The way you described it, it reminds me of what hair stylist does to dye someone's hair. Maybe it doesn't turn out multicolored, though.


Gorgeous results! I'm finding that dyeing and spinning are more fun than knitting! Shhhh! Don't tell!

I also get my dye supplies (like squirt bottles) from Dharma Trading. They're good people.

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