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Friday, July 01, 2005



Thanks for the book reviews and comments...I cannot wait for that Nancy Bush book! Have a great weekend!

Vicki Suan

Beautiful lace scarf! I like the colors of your handspun yarn. Reminds me of a tropical sunset.

Teresa C

You must have an extra room on your house for the library! Did you get the notice about N. Epstein's new book "Knitting Over The Edge" due out in the fall? To be honest, I have never even looked through the first one, except to see one sweater that someone showed me. I should hit the library and check it out (no pun intended, on purpose anyway).


I'm reading A Complicated Kindess, and I really like it. I saw an interview with Towes, and she was very good.


I just love when you do book reviews! Thanks so much.

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