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Saturday, August 27, 2005



I'm so glad you mentioned the light tents! This looks like just the info I need to help me get better food and knitting snaps for the blog, especially with daylength shortening.


Gorgeous picture! I may have to play with building light tents, too...

I love that colorway! So... mind spinning up, say, 2,000 yards of worsted weight in the color for my St. Brigid? (Just kidding, of course. But if I could find something just like that in my LYS, I'd die and go to knitting heaven.)


The colors are beautiful!


That is photograph is great, the yarn still just as lovely :)


Thanks for bringing that tip to my attention. Color can look so whacked out sometimes.


It looks great! And what a cool article. Very informative :)


Excellent, excellent tip! Thanks, Valerie and Julie!


Yum. I liked it a lot the first time, even better in this shot. I think it would be gorgeous in a lace weight as well. I'm going to have to get you to dye me some to play with ;-)


The yarn is great looking and thanks so much for the link to the photography tips. I'm definitely going to use the information.


A light tent. What a cool idea that is! I'm going to have to try that . . .


Thanks for the great link. I'll admit that I never read the giant instruction book that came with my camera and now I'm thinking I should. Fiddling with my camera settings and using a light tent might be enough to even shoot Koigu right.


Great photography tip. I've gotta try that for pix of bright, shiny objects!


That is an awesome article. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. I've been plagued by awful pictures lately too. Grrr.

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