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Friday, August 05, 2005



It's not just a book, but I'm hoping to get this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0811843211/ref=pd_sxp_elt_l1/102-1488200-9596928 for my birthday - looks cute.
There is also this website that sells cute iron-ons for embroidery.http://sublimestitching.com/ Both items are created by Jenny Hart, so I expect a lot of overlap.
I've done cross stitch for years, just started knitting in December, and my mom taught me how to embroider on vacation a few weeks ago. I'm excited to check out Hip to Stitch - thanks for the reference!


I sort of followed the same path, cross-stitch then knitting. I think embroidery on a felted bag would be very cool, sort of retro/modern. And if anyone can make it look fab you can! Take care and have a great weekend.


Jenn- great minds think alike. I was just about to suggest that book since the patterns look so cute!


Have you seen this site? I loooove her stuff!


I'm with you--I always turn to books first, and I love playing with different embroidery stitches. My all-time favorite project was re-creating my favorite painting--picking the right thread and the right stitches for each section was great fun, even if it did take me a whole year! (grin) I think a felted bag with embroidery would look just wonderful.


I just got the new Vogue Knitting and I love the gloves with the embroidered flowers, but I don't know the first thing about embroidery. I did some counted cross-stitch as a kid, but I don't think that's the same somehow... Can you recommend a book or a place to start?


I've been wanting to try some embroidery. I agree, it'd look great on a felted purse.


I'm definitely on the same track. I'm working on the Weekend Satchel in IK Fall 2005. I haven't done any embroidery since grade school so I am expecting a big learning curve when I get to that point!

jillian neary

I have just been thinking about combining crafts too. Really. I recently purchased the Stitch-It Kit, and also had thoughts about combining fabric panels within a knitted object, like a pillow. With or without embroidery, just another way to combine. Or using felted knitting like fabric pieces for small purses, flowers, etc. This could be a whole new universe!!


This is unrelated to your post, but I just finished your Booga Bag (picture on my blog) and I LOVE THIS PATTERN. Am going to buy a bag of Kureyon for Xmas gifts!


I came across your post while browsing knitting blogs. I have the "Decorative Embroidery" book by Mary Norden. It's great! I've also checked out another of her books, from the library. It's called "Embroidery with Wool". There are some really cute embroidery motifs in it (slippers, socks, purses, pajamas...).

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