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Monday, August 29, 2005



Ooooo... You're going to love it!


After my Hubby found out I had never read Chronicles of Narnia he dug out his box set and put me to work. I'm halfway through the third big now, and have to say I am really enjoying them!

Glad you got HP6. I've got some good theories but I'll wait to share :)


Yep, you really do have to read HP6--glad you are!


Right there with ya! We have all the HP, in hardback. I also grew up and as an adult read all the science fiction and fantasy I could get my hands on. Still love the classics the bast, LOTR, Dune, Anne McCaffrey, etc. Although haven't picked in HP6 yet. Maybe for this upcoming holiday weekend perchance?

Plain Jane

I picked up HP6 from the library the morning it came out (one of the advantages of requesting it back in January - I was 2nd on the list.) That was Saturday about 10:30 and I finished it Sunday evening {g}.. I'm an Ann McCaffrey fan too, but I grew up on Robert Heinlein's books. There are so many great sci-fi & fantasy authors out there. The library is even starting to get those type books in the large print editions now that the Boomers are wearing bi-focals - a trend to be encouraged.


For many years I read the Narnia books yearly, either in the series sequence or by Narnian chronology. Then I got to read them to my kids. And the books have to be the ones with the Pauline Baines illustrations. It's been a long time- I think I'll look for them on tape.


So, how's Harry? I got it the first day it came out. Now DH is reading it.

We also just finished "hearing" (on our iPods) The Chronicles of Narnia. I guess you are never too old to discover these lands.

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