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Friday, August 19, 2005



I've had Ireland : A Novel on reserve with the library for over a month now.....and i'm still only #26. I think I may just break down and buy it because I've heard it's very good.


Freakonomics: GREAT Book!


I just started Freakonomics, too. So far I'm really enjoying it.


I've been thinking about reading Freakonomics.

As for Harry Potter, I really lucked out. I was number 30 on the library list, and got the book 6 days after it was released!


I hate to tempt you more, but the latest Harry Potter is very good. I completely bailed out on the Knit the Classics selection to indulge in Potterness. I'm not regretting my choice at all!


You have got to *hear* Ireland on audiobook - Read by the author, he's got a wonderful accent and it makes the storytelling come alive. I listened to it three times. Wonderful, wonderful book.


Girl I LOVE the Harry Potter books - I own them all , just finished the Half-Blood Prince which to me was the best yet. Don't buy it!! I am happy to share my copy! I can mail it off to you if you'd like - let me know (I mean it!) love to share good books.


ps: congrats on your blogversary!


I'm so glad you like Ireland! I was the copyeditor and really loved working on it.

Cambria W

I finished Harry a few weeks ago and it's just gathering dust here on the shelf. I'd gladly send it out to you so you don't have to wait on the library. Drop me a line if your interested and I'll get it into the mail for ya.


I loved the Ireland book too. I went to Ireland in March-April 04 and am so enjoying reading about history now. So many stories!

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