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Saturday, November 12, 2005


 Lee Ann

Nice to see you're back, Julie.

Now I have to figure out how to sneak that book into the house without committing myself to knitting a mermaid costume....


I really want to knit the mermaid costume for my granddaughter, but haven't had luck with finding the yarn. It calls for Schachenmayr Goa (60% viscose, 40% polyamide, 1.75 oz 50g balls). I'd substitute, but I'm concerned about the stretch factor. Any clues???


I just got out of my thinking closet (aka the shower) and thought, well duh. The knitting pattern is what makes the stretch, not the yarn. Can you all tell that I'm a quilter who works with fabric first and not a super experienced knitter? I would have to use a stretchy fabric to sew a stretchy garment or quilt. We don't want the yarn itself to be stretchy, right? The "fabric" we knit is what stretches.
So, I will make the mermaid costume, but in a more affordable, for me, yarn.

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