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Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley was an intriguing talent, and an ultimately tragic story. He died suddenly in 1997, drowning in the Mississippi River in Memphis after having released only one full-length album, Grace. It's hard for me to do justice to his music with my own words, so I suggest you check out the website which is lovingly maintained in his memory. Most significant is the media center, Peyote Radio Theatre, which enables you to stream entire albums as well as videos and miscellany. I'm currently mesmerized by Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," from Grace.

And lest you think I've simply gone off on a musical tangent, the protagonist of the short story I'm currently working on is an enigmatic, Buckley-esque figure. Listening to "Hallelujah" is giving me quite a bit of literary inspiration.

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