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Lord of the Flies

I'm about three-quarters of the way through Lord of the Flies, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I can't believe that I've never read it until now. Where I just left off, things are deteriorating very rapidly for the castaways, and it feels like a major tragedy is imminent. In the earlier, foreboding passage below, Ralph has just begun to lose his self-confidence, and with it, his tenuous grip on the tribe and any semblance of order.

Wave after wave, Ralph followed the rise and fall until something of the remoteness of the sea numbed his brain. Then gradually the almost infinite size of this water forced itself on his attention. This was the divider, the barrier. On the other side of the island, swathed at midday with mirage, defended by the shield of the quiet lagoon, one might dream of rescue; but here, faced by the brute obtuseness of the ocean, the miles of division, one was clamped down, one was helpless, one was condemnsed, one was--

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